People and Passions

Above all else, TPN is an agency dedicated to people.

“When you take care of your people, the business takes care of itself” is the proven principle from McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc that our founder took to heart, and that continues to resonate at TPN today.

We come to work each day inspired by the people around us. More than just our passion for the business, we share with one another our love of skateboarding, organic gardening, parenting, punk rock, Wisconsin football, a good cup of coffee, vintage furniture, and more. Because we know that connecting through shared interests helps us work better, smarter and stronger together.

Reimagination is fueled by knowledge.

At TPN, “Drinking the Kool-Aid” (or in our case, the Gatorade) starts at Rookie Camp—an immersive getaway for all new employees, hosted by our CEO and other agency leaders.

Reimagined ideas can’t be manufactured or pulled out of a hat, though sometimes it would be nice if they did. And, there’s no smart button we hit to get up to speed. What we do have is TPN U, a robust learning and development program. We invest in it because we know that without knowledge and strategic thinking, even the best ideas may never leave the ground.