Reimagine Client Service

We know a great idea can come from anywhere. Our leaders are listeners, and at TPN all voices count.

When you work with us, you’ll find each member of your team brings collaboration, imaginative ideas, accountability, and a desire to deliver beyond the expected to every challenge. You’ll appreciate our experience, but you’ll love our attitude and our approach. It’s what has allowed us to build decades-long relationships with clients.

Sharon Love — Chief Executive Officer

To Sharon, retail is a verb. It's not a place but a dynamic state of mind. Understanding and anticipating consumer and shopper behavior is more than a lifelong career; it is her passion and expertise. For over 25 years, Sharon has worked with top brands and leading retailers to create strong bonds and conversations with shoppers and consumers, helping them deliver "what's next?" and delivering on the agency promise to Reimagine Retail™. Sharon’s “everything matters" approach has enabled her to build some of the most productive client and industry relationships and serve as a thought-leader. And don’t challenge her to a cutest dog contest—she’ll win.

Rich Feitler — President and Chief Operating Officer

Rich is a “big picture” guy. Under his leadership, TPN has 30 years of making the buy happen with and for iconic brands and world-class retailers. He continually pushes TPN to deliver commerce with imagination, working directly with agency and client leaders to foster collaboration and creative thinking. Innovative, but no stranger to tradition, Rich can be found wearing Packer green every Sunday during football season.

Tim Austin — Chief Creative Officer

In Tim’s 20+ years at TPN and in retail, he’s built the agency’s Creative department from the ground up. From 5 to 100+ creatives, Tim has ensured that as the agency grows, our entrepreneurial spirit continues to resonate as we Reimagine Retail. His creative expertise and enthusiasm are fundamental to TPN’s continued success and development. And if Tony Hawk wants to hang out sometime, Tim has a couple of skateboards ready to go.

Mike Pate — Chief Financial Officer

For Mike, success is in the details. You might expect that as our CFO he’s good with numbers, but Mike thinks in terms of value. He applies a strategic lens to everything we do, looking for ways to improve our workflow, our resources and our environment. The result is better accuracy, efficiency and accountability for our clients and a more fulfilling experience for everyone involved. At TPN corporate events, Mike often delivers inventive (and musical!) presentations, which he attributes to arrested creative development. He’s very grateful that they’re tolerated.

Tracy Faloon — Chief Integration Officer

Tracy’s in-depth understanding of all things retail makes her the perfect candidate to drive collaboration, strategy and thinking across the agency. Her global experience in leading complex client relationships has been instrumental in positioning TPN as a thought-leader in the dynamic retail space. She ensures efficiencies for all TPN clients without sacrificing quality. The only bad thing about Tracy’s finely tuned instinct is having to face her at a poker table.

Sarah Cunningham — Sr. Managing Director, Client Service and Development, Chicago

Sarah is changing the game within the marketing industry. With a unique “retail-out” vantage point, she helps both TPN and our client partners achieve growth objectives by delivering robust communication platforms. In addition to cultivating client relationships Sarah plays a key role in Omnicom integration, which provides client partners with best-in-class resources from across the network. Budding stylist by night, Sarah is our go-to for trends and perspectives.

Christy O’Pella — Sr. Managing Director, Client Service and Development, Dallas

The secret to Christy’s success is in listening. For 20 years she’s been listening to her clients, to their consumers, and to the needs of shoppers, analyzing their motivations and desires and helping create campaigns with an emotional connection. A born problem solver, Christy goes beyond just reacting to a need and instead digs deep to identify purchase barriers and develop integrated programs to overcome them. For a different kind of emotional connection, Christy listens to The Smiths.

Manolo Almagro — Managing Director, Digital and Retail Technologies

Manolo leads TPN’s robust digital and retail technologies practice—cultivating the agency’s tools and capabilities across digital, mobile and social platforms. With a diverse global knowledge base across industries, Manolo keeps TPN and our partners up to date with emerging technology and digital trends. Manolo is also a software patent holder, an in-demand speaker and an industry blogger. He’s currently using his Google Glass to re-watch “The Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai.”

Joe Scartz — Managing Director, Digital Commerce & Integration

Joe recently joined TPN as managing director, maintaining and further developing the agency’s strategy and technologies around all things digital commerce and digital marketing, including, but not limited to: e-commerce strategy, e-tailer management, channel mapping, digital/social/mobile media buying and planning, and execution. Joe brings 15 years of quantifiable marketing, digital marketing and e-commerce success, having helped Fortune 500 companies and agencies meet their strategic and financial goals. Joe leads TPN’s digital discipline, which integrates a broad spectrum of expertise in digital and mobile strategy, social activation, content distribution, and connected retail.

Nancy Shamberg — Managing Director, Client Service and Development, San Francisco

As the lead of TPN’s thriving Shopper Marketing practice, Nancy is responsible for the holistic approach we employ through the Modal Dialogue™, enabling TPN and our client partners to truly understand shoppers and what motivates them. Nancy is widely recognized as a pioneer and thought-leader in the Shopper Marketing space. She continues to elevate TPN’s Shopper practice to be indispensable to client partners. And she’ll hunt down a yoga class no matter what city she is in.

Amy Lanzi — Managing Director, Client Service and Development, New York

Amy has entrenched herself in every aspect of the retail ecosystem, working across channels, media, industries and brands in both the business-to-business and business-to-consumer realms. Amy’s an entrepreneur at heart, and her expertise is in understanding how to reach and engage 
all stakeholders. At home, that means putting down the latest David Sedaris book so she can read “Goodnight Moon” to the kids.