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Highlights from Cannes 2017: The Influence of Great Storytelling

Storytelling is a popular word in the current marketing lexicon. Its one of the most authentic ways to ignite a bond between brands and consumers and was the theme of many talks and sessions at Cannes 2017, including one with Ira Glass (Producer, host, creator of This American Life, among others). Glass spoke about how to tell a good story and...

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TPN Seasonal Pulse: SUMMER!


ABOUT SEASONAL PULSE: The TPN Seasonal Pulse is a quantitative tracking study fielded 6 times per year. This work is a deep dive into the consumer and shopper mindsets and behaviors of our client’s target audiences during the most important shopping seasons of the year: New Year, Spring, Summer, Back-to-School, Fall and...

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Highlights from Cannes 2017: Consuming vs. Doing

There’s no question that technology has fundamentally changed our lives—constant connectivity is a reality. But what level of connectivity is the healthiest? And how do we actually make consumers lives better verses creating addictive behaviors? This question entered my mind several times over the past few days at Cannes and particularly in...

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