Dynamic Retail

Today, the relationship between brands and consumers is on-demand. It is based on consumers’ needs and it exists on their terms. At TPN, we live by three simple truths.

The first is that you aren’t in control, they are. Your target chooses when, where and how to talk to you — 80% of Millennials won’t talk to you without asking a friend first.


The second is that a shopper isn’t just a shopper. People behave differently based on their needs and where they are in the customer journey.


And the third is that commerce happens differently. The brand relationship is about more than just a transaction, especially with all the data we can use to drive ideas, opinions and sentiments.


Accepting these truths means that when a shopper is ready, you must be ready. And embracing that idea ensures that all brands, not just those with the biggest budgets, are present and successful wherever the buy happens—where traditional retail intersects with emerging commerce. That’s Dynamic Retail.

The Modal Dialogue

There are now hundreds of ways in which your target can engage with your brand. With each one, the goal is to pique their curiosity, then deliver the message that will make them choose you when they are ready to buy.

Easier said than done.

People behave in different modes along the customer journey. We must recognize their modes, adapt our conversations, and sync content to match their behaviors. That’s the essence of our Modal Dialogue, and we’d love to tell you more about it.