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Bank of America - Life's Better When We're Connected

Consumers perceive banks as large corporations that aren’t interested in fulfilling an individual’s needs, and that talk to consumers in overly-complicated ways. Successful brands don’t just sell; they serve. They take the time to understand the needs of their customers and provide them with relevant solutions. To demonstrate a shift from Institutional to Human/Customer-Focused, Bank of America was launching a new positioning, “Life’s better when we’re connected”; we needed to make it tangible inside the banking center and balance that with the selling of products. To foster more human connections, we created messaging using real consumer language that demonstrated the tangible customer benefits of products and services by highlighting relatable, contextual situations in which Bank of America products help make life easier. The results beat historical baselines in this task-driven space. 70% of customers found the communications appealing, and most customers reacted positively, saying the messaging “make me want to read them.