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Jockey - JKY

Jockey knew it needed to buck its reputation for being “your grandfather’s underwear,” to help ensure that people would be wearing the iconic brand in another 137 years. Jockey hoped partnering with retail giant Target would be a great opportunity to reach and engage younger shoppers. At TPN, we knew that Target guests could be a tough audience, so we created an innovative and inspiring, full-scale retailer-specific solution to help launch a private label product, JKY by Jockey, specifically to appeal to Target shoppers. The new brand garnered incremental sales and delivered on the “Expect More” side of Target’s brand promise. But more importantly, it helped the retailer, and its guests, completely rethink the underwear category. In one fell swoop, Jockey redefined what it means to be a retail partner, established itself as a category leader, and put a stake in the ground for the future of the brand.