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Pine-Sol - Deep Clean Diva

Do you know someone that cleans as if they are competing for a prize for the cleanest house on the block? This quirky cleaner is our core Pine-Sol target, The Extreme Cleaner. She’s adopted cleaning habits from the generations before her, but has strayed from traditional brands. She’s looking for more powerful cleaning agents and selects brands based on price- as well as what she’s learned from sharing stories with her peers via social media and word-of-mouth. To regain her attention and diminish brand-switching, we developed Deep Clean Diva, a fun, interactive, national program designed to reintroduce her to Pine-Sol as a powerful cleaning product. Our goal was to show her (in a fun way) that Pine-Sol can help her tackle more than just floors. The solution—gamification. We developed a game app for our Deep Clean Divas to play, share cleaning stories and compete to be the ultimate Cleaning Diva.

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