When it comes to mobile migration in the retail sector, financial services is ahead of the curve. The brick-and-mortar financial center continues to be an important customer touchpoint with a tremendous opportunity to evolve, but a connected customer experience that over-delivers on the needs of Bank of America and their customers is critical.

To help our clients transform and broaden the financial center experience, TPN provides expertise in mapping the customer journey and leveraging the right blend of digital & static POS and human interaction for their national footprint and across store types. Staying on top of the competition and the changing retail landscape is vital for successful transformation, so we’ve also evolved the traditional Competitive Audit and Retail Immersion Tour into a more robust and tech-enabled Customer Experience Tour (CET). Our CET breaks down the retail customer experience and highlights the role of technology within the sales process and in-store experience. In today’s fast-paced world, we’re able to help our clients stay one step ahead.