Chocolate lovers make the connection
While candy isn’t generally considered part of the back-to-school equation, we uncovered an insight that would give the iconic HERSHEYS bar a deeper purpose during this key sales period: Children experience intense emotions and stress when they return to school and face the challenge of making friends. We knew HERSHEY’S could be the key ingredient to starting conversations and new relationships.
TPN recommended that the brand change the design of the HERSHEY’S bar to render the ‘pips’ (rectangular bar sections) with emojis—the virtual language of young people today. Our “Share a Smile” campaign intercepted Shopper Mom all along the purchase journey to show her how the simple act of her child breaking off and sharing a pip could become a fun moment of connection with other kids. The updated package, product, displays and digital content drove retailer excitement and engaged shoppers. By changing the design of the bar for the first time in its 125-year history, HERSHEY’S became the talk of the town—and the Internet!
1.2 billion
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