Digital Commerce strategy that’s
more than skin deep
Even a brand that’s primarily focused on Direct to Consumer (DTC) can benefit from a more balanced, digital commerce strategy. That’s the advice we offered men’s skin care brand, Oars + Alps. We knew that optimizing the brand’s Amazon presence could help introduce the brand to a very specific target: the 9 out of 10 consumers who buy from a DTC disruptor brand and say they plan to buy from a similar brand again.
TPN optimized the Amazon presence of Oars + Alps to raise brand awareness, grow overall sales, and further establish the brand story. The success of this strategy ultimately helped Oars + Alps gain significant shelf space at Target, a major retailer favored by this specific shopper. During the initial phase of our engagement, Oars + Alps enjoyed a sustained growth rate of 30-50% MoM. Today, the brand is a leader in the luxury beauty category, with a 4+ star rating on Amazon.
116% Lift
in Total Amazon Sales YoY